EPIC: The Review

By: Collin McPherson

EPIC: The Musical, the story of a man on a quest to get back home. Through the sea, a cave, and an impenetrable storm, Odesseus must travel to return home to his son, Telemachus, and his wife, Penelope, In the first three saga’s of EPIC. These sagas are “The Troy Saga, “The Cyclopes Saga, and the newest saga, “The Ocean Saga”. The 4th saga “The Circe Saga” Is set to release on February, 14th, 2024. Over the three released saga’s there are 13 songs running 44 minutes and 43 seconds.  Not all of the saga’s from EPIC have been released as more are on the way. Once finished the show will run about 2 hours and 16 minutes. EPIC retells Homer’s “The Odyssey” but with a musical twist. (Homer was an ancient Greek poet). If you are a fan of Greek mythology or Homer’s “The Odyssey” you will enjoy this musical retelling of a classic Greek tale. 

“If you like Percy Jackson or Hadestown you would love this musical” said Sydney Knisley.

Overall I would give EPIC: The Musical a 9/10. While the music and story is amazing. The pacing is sadly way too fast at points due to the fact it is a sung through musical (the whole musical is sung). Despite this downside EPIC is able to get its story and theme across. The theme of EPIC is balancing ruthlessness. Polites, Odysseus’s friend and soldier in his army, says kindness is the way to go in his song “Open Arms” where he tells Odysseus that “Kindness is brave”. On the other end of the spectrum Poseidon, God of the Sea, tells Odesseus that “Ruthlessness is mercy upon ourselves” and that Odesseus should choose ruthlessness. Other characters in the story weigh in on this too and this is a choice Odesseus is faced with again and again. In conclusion, EPIC: The Musical is an amazing musical. With strong characters, plot and most importantly of all great music. It’s sure to hook you in whether you listen because of its tie in with Greek mythology or its amazing music.  


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