Days of the Week – Ranked

By Garrett Vorisek

Most people can agree that some days of the week are just better than others. Many days come and go without a second thought, but this list will tell you which days to look forward to. Note that this rating is based on a full 7 day week, with school Monday – Friday.

Last place is occupied by Monday. Monday is by far the worst day of the week due to it being the first day after a weekend. Usually Monday is filled with work review and sometimes a quiz. The whole day is spent nearly falling asleep at your desk, and wanting to return home.

Up next is Tuesday. While only slightly better than Monday due to it not being the first day after a weekend, Tuesday is usually when you get hit with a test or a school project. While projects can be enjoyable, it’s really nothing to be excited about. Another reason is that Tuesday seems to be the longest day of the week, which makes no sense because you would think that Mondays would be the longest but apparently not.

5th place might surprise you because here rests Sunday. I believe that Sunday, while still being a weekend day, just isn’t as enjoyable as the rest of the list. This is because of the fact that you have to go to school tomorrow, which drains almost all of the excitement from the day. It also seems that you just can’t get stuff done, no matter how dedicated you are, you just can’t complete any projects you may have started elsewhere. Plus if you stay up as late as you did the last 2 days, you are guaranteed to be even more miserable on Monday, which is usually what happens.

Some people believe that Friday should take the #1 spot, but I disagree. Friday deserves 4th because as a day, it is just middle of the pack. You could either get really lucky on Friday, or end up in the pits. Sometimes Friday is like an early weekend, with not too much work, or you could end up with up to  4 class projects due all on the same day. While not being the slowest day of the week, Friday just doesn’t seem to fly by like some other days, this is because everyone is looking forward to the weekend and a rest from the week of work they just completed.

Next up is the top 3 days of the week starting off with Wednesday. While being in the dead center of the week Wednesday just seems to be the fastest day of the week. Wednesday is also a massive weekly milestone, giving you the inspiration to finish the next 2 days in style. While being this high up on the leaderboard Wednesday still has some flaws, for example it  is usually an extremely uneventful day. Though with this major flaw it is still marginally better than the previous days.

Thursday makes an appearance in 2nd place, which might aggravate you, but in the end this is my article. If you disagree, go off and make your own list. Thursday is where most of Wednesday inspiration goes, making it a very enjoyable day. On Thursday you can almost hear the weekend beckoning to you to finish the week and enjoy your days off, without the evil cloud of tests hovering over you. Thursday is also extremely predictable, which removes all worry from the day, and just leaves the happiness, all for you to enjoy.

The top spot on this list, and by far the best day of the week, with no exeception, is Saturday. This day is paradise, with no school to worry about, you are left with the pinnacle of days. Not much can ruin this day of wonder, other than having to wake up at 7:30 because your parents told the neighbors that you would help them with yard work without telling you (true story). This day is the only day that you can be productive with your own self-interests. You could go for a walk, do your hobbies, or hang out with some friends. Saturday is truly an empty canvas, the day can be whatever you want it to be.

That concludes my day of the week ranking list. I hope you found it informative, but  if you disagree with any of my scoring, please feel free to write a letter to the editor.

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