Blue Beetle Movie Review (NO SPOILERS)

By: Casey Hendrickson

In 2018 Blue Beetle was announced as a live action movie for the superhero Blue Beetle but is it good? Let’s find out.

Blue Beetle was set to be released on HBO Max in the summer of 2023. In December 2021 DC had announced that Blue Beetle would get a world wide theatrical release for summer of 2023. The movie was released on August 18th 2023 and in the first 5 days it made 43 million dollars worldwide. That may sound good but the movie and the promotions cost over 104 million dollars and the movie only made 43 million dollars. 

But there is hope for the future. It has only been 5 days since the movie came out and will make more with the next few weekends to come. It projected total box office revenue when the movie went out of theaters (September 10-20) the movie is expected to make 180-250 million dollars. Now on to the movie.

Here’s a summary of the plot.

Victoria Kord sister of the missing-presumed-dead Ted Kord, had spent many years searching for the scarab, the scarab can give her the ability to take her weapons manufacturing company, Kord Industries, to the next level. At the same time, Jaime (Blue Beetle) just got home from college to find that his family has lost their business and their house. Desperate for a job, he goes to Victoria and gets into an argument between Victoria and her niece (Ted Kord’s daughter) Jenny Kord. He ends up with the Scarab in his hands and is chosen to be Blue Beetle. Victoria isnt so happy with this and wants it back. This means Jaime has to learn how to use his new superpowers and fight Victoria and her partner Lt. Carapax.

The movie was a good 8/10. Definitely the best DC movie to come out for awhile. The fight scenes were great and the story was interesting and entertaining. I highly recommend going to see this movie!

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