The Face Behind the Teacher

By: Kianna Wallace

Jaclyn Casey is from Poland, Ohio and is now a 6th grade teacher at Federal Hocking Middle School. She worked as a principal for the last three years, before that she was a teacher at WOUB. She took a break from teaching for a long time; she stopped in 2005 to travel, and came back to the classroom this year. 

She lives at home with her husband who works at the Lancaster Prison as a sergeant and her three dogs. All five of her kids are grown. One of her kids Meredith  had a still born baby about three years ago and that inspired her to start the Wildflower Legacy Foundation to help provide the fees, equipment, and gear for underprivileged children to participate in sports, clubs, lessons, camps, and more. 

“She (Meredith) is the person that inspires me the most,” Casey said.

Casey has been in education for 32 years and has been a teacher for 15 of those years. She has almost all the teaching certifications.

Casey’s favorite part about FH is that it gives the children a chance that others may not give. Her hopes are to retire in five years and travel. The thing she loves most about teaching is watching the kids grow from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. She has taught at many schools. When her children were in school she wanted to be on the same schedule as them so she became a teacher 

  “I just want to be with the kids; it’s my happy place.” 

She wanted to be a teacher ever since she was a kid. Her whole family was in education and she just couldn’t think of anything else to major in. When Casey was a child, her older sister took her to her classroom and she helped clean and anything else asked of her.

She loves to travel. Her favorite place to travel is Oak Beach Island in New York. She is going to France over this summer break. 

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