Ukraine pen-pals

By: Kianna Wallace

At Federal Hocking Middle and High school this half of the school year, Renee Ripple’s eighth grade class paired up with another eighth grade class at Lycee Anne de Kiev.

 I was paired up with Kyrylo. I think it was a great experience. We get to learn so much about each other and how we are different and alike at the same time.

We had a presentation on Ukrainian folk music. Brett Hill from Dayton Ohio is a musician who travels back and forth from Ukraine to the U.S. He came with Amedee Royer, a music teacher, to show us and teach us the differences and similarities between our folk music and Ukraine folk music. They also talked about a program called “From Ohio with Love”. It is a program that centers around bringing medical supplies to soldiers in Ukraine. 

We have shared many things about our differences in culture about the Appalachian and Ukrainian cultures. 

 Kryrlo and I have so much in common. We like the same music. We both also like to draw. He is a really good drawer. But we have differences, too. Kyrylo is a Libra and I am a Pisces. This is one of our many differences. 

Kryrlo is a 15-year old that likes to draw and play video games with his friends. He is a really nice person. 

“It has been a really good experience for me and my classmates.” Wallace stated. 

 This was just overall a very interesting experience for all of us in Ripple’s Journalism class. 

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