Letter to the Editor Policy

Hey Fed Hock! Editor in Chief here. We just have to let you all know that the LLN Inbox is open for business – you can now send letters to the Editor! Though your teachers may have already let you all know this, there may be some things that they haven’t told you. While we’re always happy to hear (and publish!) your opinions on your school life, there are some things that LLN can’t publish. This is your guide to the dos and don’ts of writing a letter to the Editor. 

      • No Obscenities or Vulgarities Pretty cut and dry rule. No four letter words, no profanity. Also, no inappropriate content, such as references to drugs or “adult content.” This news website represents our school as a whole and producing profanity doesn’t reflect well on our community.
      • No Liable or Misinformation Spreading misinformation in print is wrong, as well as illegal. This is not a gossip line, so refrain from spreading lies about your peers or your school on this site. 
      • No Personal Attacks This should be a kind space where everybody can find information and entertainment. We will not print letters containing attacks on anybody in the school. 
      • Ideas and Opinions Must Be Yours – We will not print plagiarism at LLN. Please send letters in your own words. Quoting is allowed, of course, but you must establish that you are quoting someone. 

And that’s all! Four simple guidelines to follow when writing your letters to me. Don’t forget that if you get a letter published, you will get citizenship points! So go ahead, send those letters in!

-Editor in Chief, Jozlyn Bew