Helldivers 2 Review


Helldivers 2 released on February 8th of this year and it’s already becoming one of the most popular live service games out there because of its gameplay, graphics and co-op play.

The gameplay is fun and always keeps it thrilling during the entire mission. You can land with 3 extra helldivers that can be your friends or strangers over the internet. You can go across the galaxy, you can go east to fight termites(bugs) or you can go west to fight the automatons (robots). Each side is very different which needs different strategies to win. Once you land on a planet you are given an objective and usually side objectives. You can call in different airdrops like different guns, ammo, stims, airstrikes, and turrets. All of these have a timer on them so you can’t spam them all the time.Once you do your objective you can extract via an aircraft to your ship.

Graphics For PS5 there are two graphic modes fidelity and performance mode. Fidelity has 30fps and very good graphics and performance mode has 60fps and still pretty good graphics.You can also turn on anti-aliasing which is when it makes edges a lot smoother and less jagged this can be turned on both graphics modes.

The co-op, you need it for the harder levels. You can help your teammates reload their recoilless rifle (it’s a rocket launcher) for a better fire rate, drop ammo and supplies for teammates and try not to fire friendly fire on your teammates.

Helldivers 2 is an amazing game if your friends are on PC or PS5 Because it’s cross play between PC and PS5.The game will keep getting support and it’s only 40$ so it’s a must play for that price.

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