Call of Duty Mobile Arrives!


Call of Duty mobile is finally coming out on March 21st of this year COD (Call of Duty) Mobile has been in the works for years now and we finally got a launch trailer that revealed a lot of new features.


You can upgrade your gun on the phone and it will transfer over on MW3 and MW2 the game will tell you if the gun will transfer. This also includes paid bundles, XP and stats but it doesn’t count for COD Points for some reason. So when away from home you can upgrade or change something on your phone. To get these features you need to connect an Activision ID. But you can play as Guest to play the game but you won’t have the features I listed.  


The graphics look pretty good for a mobile phone so it might not run on phones that have less than 4 GB and probably not run well or at all.


It includes MW3, MW2 guns and adds a few new ones that are not on Console/PC yet. The gun play seems to be the same as the last few games. Guns will come with rarity telling how common and rare the gun is.


It includes returning maps like verdansk and rebirth island there also multiplayer maps on the game like shipment and shoot house. 

In conclusion Warzone mobile is looking pretty good for a free COD game so if your phone can run it try it out you can always uninstall it if it sucks or you don’t like it.

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