PlayStation Accessibility Controller


The disabled can now play PlayStation with their new controller with PlayStation accessibility controller. This controller can help people who couldn’t play because of the difficulty playing with a standard controller..  

With the P.A.C. (PlayStation Accessibility Controller) two of them can be connected with a dual sense controller to the PS5. It is highly customizable for people with different disabilities. You can have four different accessories that can be plugged into the controller for even more ease for the user. You can change the buttons/joystick on the controller. You can also adjust the joystick forward and backwards.

The P.A.C. has 3 different control profiles for different games with different controls for that specific game. I can have custom controls for Gran Turismo then if I wanted to play Spiderman 2 I would press a button to change my control profile for that specific game.

This is a huge step for gaming since now more people can play video games. This is the first of many video game controllers like this. Hopefully in the future these controllers will get easier and get more customizable for more ease of use. 

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