Mario Madness V2 Song Overview

By Tiana S

In the FNF mod, Bf and Gf find themselves in an old Mario game facing Mario.EXE. Mario.EXE is based off of a Creepypasta and he turns out evil, so it makes him the main antagonist for this mod. You need to try and survive all of the obstacles Mario.EXE puts in your way

The first part of the song starts off with Mario.EXE singing the first verse, after when his part of the song is done, Bf and Gf sing their part of the song and everyone continues this pattern until Mario takes away Gf leaving Bf to fend for himself.

A short while after Mario takes away Gf, Mario and Bf are face to face rap battling against each other. A bit into the second verse of the song Mario leaves and a very messed up version of Luigi, Yoshi, and Wario rap against Bf for the rest of the second verse.

When it comes time for the third verse , Bf finds himself on top of a sewer pipe and finds his Gf turned into a monster (or she may just be dead). Bf then raps against his Gf, crying out tears of sadness. Mario looks as this is happening, amused at the scene saying that Bf was too late to save her and that he should just give up.

At the last part of the song, Bf fights against Mario once more determined to fight for his Gf despite her current state.Through all of his tears he still fights, and Mario seems annoyed, at this so in the last seconds of the song Mario kills Bf by sticking a spike through his chest taking out his heart, taking the one life he had.

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