Starfield Review

By: Casey Hendrickson

Starfield is the newest game released from the company Bethesda. Before we talk about the game, let’s go over the game and the company’s history.

Bethesda is a notorious game studio for many reasons, including glitches and just bad gameplay. They have released many amazing games though like Fallout New Vegas, Skyrim, and The Elder Scrolls Online. They also have released some “ok” games like Fallout Shelter and Blades.

Anyway, now onto the game. Starfield released on September 6th 2023 on PC and Xbox Series X and S. The game had great success ranking 6 million players for their early access. But is the game any good? Let’s find out!

Starfield is an amazing game with great graphics and story. I’ve played about 3 hours of Starfield and I haven’t gotten bored. The game has many side missions and a great fast travel mechanic. The game does have some problems. If you own a Xbox One, Xbox One X, or Xbox One S you will not be able to play Starfield. If you own a Xbox Series X and S you will be able to play the game but only at 30 FPS. Even with 30 FPS the game looks great and is still fun.  

I would give the game a 9/10. Great story with fun characters, interesting stories, and cool mechanics. If you have a Xbox Series X or S or PC with Xbox Game Pass you should give Starfield a try!

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