Record Thief

By: Collin McPherson, Ahmani Rufat, and Kianna Wallace

Federal Hocking’s phenomenal golfer didn’t even know she stole the record. Junior Addison Jackson was on the golf course just trying her best when she surpassed her PR and shot a 36 for the nine holes. As it turned out, she took the record from her brother Mason Jackson, but at that moment, he didn’t even know he held the school record.

“My brother didn’t know he broke the record until I took the record.”

But he still holds the record for a nine hole game with 35 in a nine-hole game. She broke the school record at Lakeside, which is her favorite golf course due to how flat the course is. Her brother is now in college for biochemistry and he golfs for Marietta College and Addison recognizes that her brother is one of her biggest inspirations.

“I probably wouldn’t be where I am if he didn’t teach me what he knows.” 

When she was young, Jackson joined a golf camp for fun. Later, in high school she got back into the sport because of her brother and because she wanted to have fun. Whenever she golfs she always has her lucky skirt and lucky ball marker. Before she starts a match she eats a turkey sandwich. After a race she likes to get a Baja Blast.

Jackson lives by the motto:

“Work hard, have fun.”

Jackson loves the sport and would like to get a scholarship to go to college on golf. But she thinks that going pro is out of reach. She would like to go to Marietta College, but they don’t give out scholarships for golf.  Jackson has yet to declare a major, but would like to go to school for nursing or education. She would also like to stay local which hinders her choices for what she can do after she graduates. 

When not golfing, she likes to paint and crochet. She sells her works to friends and family. Jackson also loves basketball but still prefers golf. She is close to her family and they enjoy golf. Her dad golfed when he was young but has since stopped. Whenever they play putt-putt golf her dad almost always wins. 

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