Wrestling at FedHock

By Evan P

Do you ever think about joining wrestling but don’t know what to expect? Don’t know if it’s right for you? If you would like it? Well I’m here to tell you what to expect and what you do to get ready. Coach Kevin will weigh you in and determine your class. Depending what your class is and if we have anyone in it, you will wrestle within your weight class and practice with them. Everybody wrestles Coach R because he gets every weight class ready and helps us know what we can expect and more.

Coach R is an athletic guy in college and loves wrestling so he joined Coach Kevin to continue wrestling. Dylan wrestles Coach R since they are the same class and can provide a challenge for him. Coach R will go easy on us because he is strong and experienced.

Middle school and senior high practices together to get ready and you will wrestle closes to your weight class and so you get experience with people like them. At the meets they all won’t be like this. From my personal experience I fought bigger people than me in size and height and depending on your opponent you have to figure out what you want to do and how you can pull it off.

If you lose your first match, no need to worry. Depending on the match type you’ll get to go twice no matter what and have a second chance. Let’s say if you win the first match you go until you lose or no one is left to wrestle.

Dylan is always trying to push us when he can to get us ready along with his step dad Jason after he joined as a second coach. Dylan always tells us it’s better to keep moving and lose than give up. 

So if you didn’t know if you wanted to join wrestling, now it should be easier to choose and know what you want to try it out.

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