Shotgun Team Needs You!

By Will H.

Do you like shooting shotgun? Do you want an excuse to shoot shotguns once a week? Do you want to shoot trap with a team? If you do, you should join the shotgun team where you can go to a national trap competition and get a free t-shirt. 

The shotgun team is coached by Mr. Pfeiffer where we meet at a trap clubhouse where there is a trap line where you can shoot trap. We meet there once a week. You can get dropped off there or ride the bus there. We shoot at least 2-3 boxes of shells for each practice shoot. Mr. Pfeiffer has a gun store called Rivers Edge in Athens where you can get trap shells cheaper than anywhere else and the scholastics program pays for some cases so you do get some for free, but you will need to buy some more cases if you don’t have them already. The trap shells aren’t the same as any other shell theses one have a better pattern.

If you don’t have anything else to do and you love shooting shotguns you should join the trap team. As Mr Pfeiffer said “Join the team. It’s fun and we need you!” so you better join the team and listen to Mr. Pfeiffer.    

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