Why Are Mobile Games So Addictive?

By Dalton B.

Most mobile games look very bad and have false advertisements. You might say they are bad, then you give one a try and you’re hooked from there. Why are they so bad yet so addictive?

Mobile games are mostly seen with either terrible ads and terrible gameplay, but despite that some people still give it a try and get hooked. Most ads for these games are like something is trapped on one side and needs to get to the other side without dying or losing the prize. You have to move the tiles that are placed in front of them to get the character to the prize. The actual game will look nothing like this at all. It will look the exact opposite of how it looks in the ads. It would be like a world strategy game and have an ad about how you can fly planes in 1st person, then have no feature like that.

The first mobile game that gained tons of attention was Tetris. Tetris is a game where you have to stack blocks and get a large amount of score and show off to your friends and the world. Tetris was made by a Soviet software engineer named Alexey Pajitov and other soviet software engineers. This game was ported on the Gameboy, the first mobile phone, and the NES. It became the first mobile game because it was preinstalled on the first mobile phone. This game included a score leaderboard, and now many people play weird types of games just to be on a game’s leaderboard.

Newer mobile games look very poorly made but have tons of people playing them. Why do they play? So they can get on the leaderboard and be first at something in their life or they just want to play it to make easy content of stealing others’ videos. Games like Gem Stack, Sushi Roll 3D, Paper Fold are games that have really good ads but once you download and play the game it just gets boring. Games like Hero Castle Wars are always at the front of these ads that don’t show actual gameplay. This game is always used as a template for other mobile game ads to use for only the ad and not the actual gameplay. This game is really fun and its ads are actual gameplay.

In my eyes, mobile games will continue to fall. They don’t usually do good unless they have misleading ads. The misleading ads are the only thing that saves them.

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