Thrift, Teach, Sleep, Repeat

By: Collin McPherson

Mikayla Rhodes is an intervention specialist at Federal Hocking Middle School. Rhodes originally wanted to be a physical therapist, but later changed her mind and started down the path for early childhood education. She is now getting her masters in educational leadership. She is inspired by people and that’s what keeps her going.

“I think people are such interesting creatures,” Rhodes said.

Rhodes plans to stay in special education and doesn’t plan on becoming a principal. She hopes to move to central Ohio as her boyfriend lives in Johnstown. An Intel plant is opening there and she feels it will expand their economy and local school system. She hopes that the expansion of the area will allow her to hopefully find an open teaching position. Rhodes likes to build strong relationships with her students, which has its upsides and its downsides. When she builds strong bonds with students it often makes it harder for Rhodes to be serious and for them to listen. But the upside is she gets to form connections with her students. But when it comes to teaching, rapport is her strength. 

“Focus on relationships first, content will come.” This is Rhodes’ motto for teaching.

When she isn’t teaching or attending her classes she likes to thrift shop and go boating. Her family owns a boat and they go to Lake Cumberland in Kentucky. She also really likes romance movies. 

“I’m a sucker for a romance,” Rhodes said.

She also loves to spend time with her family. Almost every weekend, she goes up to visit her family. 

“They’re awesome,” Rhodes stated.  


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