Social Studies to Math

By: LJ Graham

Lori McNabb is a math teacher at Federal Hocking Middle School in 7th grade. McNabb had worked at Belpre before and she started teaching social studies, but eventually went to teach math. Her old math teacher inspired her to become a teacher. McNabb was inspired because one of her teachers wouldn’t move on from a subject until everyone knew what they were doing and understood it.

McNabb loves her students, she thinks the kids are hard workers and cares about what they are doing and what they are learning. When she had her first interview to be a teacher for Federal Hocking, she felt that she had a connection with the staff.

“I feel good about math because I think it’s important.”

McNabb says that math is very important, and she chose to be a math teacher because of this very reason. After she chose to teach math, she had to find a school to call home. McNabb chose to work at Federal Hocking Middle School. 

“I love my students because they work hard and care about what they are learning.”

McNabb’s favorite part about teaching is watching her students understand the concept and build their confidence. McNabb’s least favorite part about teaching is the testing. She feels that the students are being over tested. 

Other than teaching Mcnabb loves traveling to Tennessee and Florida. When she goes to Florida she goes to the beach. When she is not busy, she likes to watch shows. She likes to spend time with her family and watch movies.  She also enjoys college softball games and likes to play spades. She goes to watch her nephew and niece in their sports games. McNabb is a caring teacher and FH is lucky to have her.

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