Young Runner

By: Collin McPherson, Ahmani Rufat, Micah Reed, and Kianna Wallace

Reading, writing and running are three things that drive 7th grader Elsie Amlin. She runs cross country, plays basketball and plans on joining track in the spring. Amlin is most inspired by her oldest sister, Olivia, and Evan McPherson. Amlin’s oldest sister really enjoyed running. Olivia now attends college in Miami, FL and runs as a hobby.

When Elsie Amlin was in 5th grade, she first gained interest in running. Amlin is close to beating her P.R. of 13:55 in cross country. She is one of the fastest female 7th grade runners and has placed high in almost every race. 

 “Do not focus on the places, but on your time.” 

This is one piece of advice Amlin’s father has told her. 

Amlin enjoys fruit and Subway veggie sandwiches before a race. When Amlin isn’t running she likes to read and write. As an avid member of the Swifties club, Amlin admires Taylor for her feminist beliefs. Amlin wanted to be a teacher or child psychologist, but is now unsure about exactly what she wants to do. But Amlin really enjoys basketball and would like to play on the school team. 

She also likes drama. She has been in six school plays, which includes performing in “A Christmas Carol” three times. She was in a Halloween play called “The Hallmarks of Horror” and also acted in “ Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Middle School (but were too busy being stuffed in a locker to ask)” and  “No substitutes”. Amlin is currently in “Twinderella,” which is a play which puts a twist on the story of Cinderella. 

She is clearly a star on the course as well as the stage, with a bright future.

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