From 7th to 6th

By: Owen Black

Rebecca Castelino is a 6th grade teacher at Federal Hocking Middle School. Castelino teaches social studies. In past years of her career, she has taught science and math. She said she enjoys teaching social studies because it is a subject that is so in depth and interesting. Her favorite era in history is the Revolutionary war. 

In her spare time, she enjoys nice peaceful walks. This is because at home she lives with her mother and father and they constantly have errands for Castelino to run or some type of task. Her house is always full of noises and sounds due to not just her parents living with her, but also she has two kids. One is a boy and the other is a girl. She has a cat named Tiger that Castelino has had since Tiger was 3 months old, Tiger is currently 12 years old.

The reason why she teaches is because not only was her father a teacher but she also had a very good 7th grade social studies teacher. Castelino taught 7th grade social studies last year but then this year (2023) she started teaching 6th grade which she is still getting used to. She prefers to teach 7th grade but she chose to teach 6th because her colleague (Emma Harter) took the position in 7th while Rebecca took 6th.

 “Sixth graders are fun because they have a lot of energy.”

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