Make Good Art

By Jozlyn Bew

Make good art. 

It’s what Neil Gaiman hails. 

And it’s the code that Ms. Hadley and the Federal Hocking Art Club has been adhering to for the past year, whether it’s pulling gifts together for Ukraine refugees, creating for the Governor’s Art Show, or just sketching cartoons in the classroom. 

The somewhat (sadly) delayed Art Club year began with work for the FH Drama Club, who was performing A Christmas Carol for their winter show. A fairly large group of club members pitched in after school to paint sets and build props for the show, and the result was fantastic! The Drama Club was thrilled to have the extra set of hands provided from the Art Club. 

Set work was just the beginning for the club. What was the next big project? Creating art for veterans. The club pulled together a bunch of art to send to the VA Hospital for hospitalized veterans during the holiday season. The wish was for 27 works, but over 50 ended up being made! Many people were happy that holiday season, thanks to the work of the Art Club and their urge to create for the good of the world. 

The FH Art Club has been very active and successful as far as helping others goes. Further projects of theirs have included aid for the Drama Club production of Clue, to which set pieces are being painted by their hands. The club has also pulled together a bunch of care packages full of clothing, necessities, and small art pieces to send to Ukraine refugees. 

The year is coming to a close, and it’s safe to say that it was a successful year for the Art Club. Ms. Hadley and the members have pulled so much together, and we’re all very proud of their accomplishments! Looking forward to what’s in store for the coming year.

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