Leann Starlin, Class of ’99

What I’m Doing Now: I currently serve as the Assistant Dean in the College of the Arts at Kent State University. I work directly with faculty and students in fashion, music, theatre and dance, and art. Most of my role centers around helping students get to college but I also focus on helping them be successful while they’re here. I teach study skills, time management, goal setting, and much more. Prior to this, I spent about 8 years working in student activities, providing student leadership training to student and planning events – lots and lots of events. These ranged from headlining bands and nationally touring performers, to comedians, poets, and pretty much anything you can imagine. My senior project was organizing an arts festival for FHHS, and spent a lot of time in choir, theatre and student government, so I guess that this job is the culmination of that work. I love supporting students in the creative arts, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

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