Alan Gilchrist, Class of ’97

By Lizzy G.

Alan is a Federal Hocking graduate. After graduating, Alan attended Hocking College and received his Associate’s Degree in Business Management. When Alan was 8 he started helping out at his family business.  

After 35 years Alan still works with his father at Gilchrist convenience and specialty store. At the store Alan takes care of all aspects of the business including, taxes, payroll and mail, as well as purchasing, displaying, and selling merchandise. Alan works with family or people that are so close to him he considers them family. Alan states, “Because of the freedom and fun I have at work, sometimes it feels like I don’t even have a job.” Alan also plants trees on his 400 acre tree farm that he lives on with his girlfriend and her kid as well as his two kids.

Alan has also served as Township Trustee for the past 20 years. At the township Alan overlooks the maintenance of roads and cemeteries.

When Alan was in high school he made quite the impression, he was known as the class clown. Alan’s favorite memories were doing stupid stuff like shoving a kid out the window during a fire drill. Alan respected his teachers and peers and had many friends. His friends and family really inspired him, but his biggest inspiration is always himself. Alan continues to be a hard worker and a very respected person.

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