Hayward Knopp, Class of ’94

By Haley K.

Hayward Knopp is a former student of Federal Hocking High School, as well as Tri County, and graduated in 1994. Hayward currently works for 7 Rivers Marine, a boat shop and repair located in Coolville as a boat mechanic. In this profession he puts all of his math skills to use and auto mechanics from Tri County. 

During high school you would likely find him in one of his classes, but he also enjoyed working on teacher’s cars for them. He saw it as great practice for the future since he wanted to be an auto mechanic. His favorite teacher was Pat Sheridan, who taught Vo Ag, which is a class where students gain more knowledge and skill in a wide variety of agricultural topics, and can also gain leadership and career skills to help with their future. As you may be able to guess Vo Ag was also Hayward’s favorite class. He enjoyed this class and the teacher because he was genuinely interested in the topic and he really liked the way Mr. Sheridan taught. Hayward stated “He made everything easy to understand”.

When asked Knopp’s opinion on Federal Hocking’s evolution. he shared that he does enjoy the new phone rule since it gives more freedom to the students. He thinks it will make them less likely to rebel regarding that rule. He also believes that there should be more, as he stated it, “common knowledge” being taught, which means that the students need more preparation for the work force and daily life. Not every student plans on going to college and/or Tri County, and for this to happen he thinks that Home Ec should be revived, and required, as well as financial literacy, cooking class, and 3 shop classes. 

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