James Farrington, Class of ’99

I work at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Hampton Virginia, as an Engineering Technician.  My job consists of integration, assembly and final testing of research modules heading to space. Any item that will be sent into orbit, must undergo a process of checks to ensure it safely arrives at its destination, and functions as it is designed, once it gets there. This includes building the module to flight specifications, testing performance in vacuum chambers, and vibration tests.

Shortly after High School I joined the Navy, where I learned how to work on Radar Systems. After I served my time, I got my Associates degree in Electronics and computer Science. From here, I worked on radar and navigation systems for the Navy Shipyard in Norfolk until I got hired on by NASA. For others interested in government service Like NASA or the Navy shipyards, the best pathway is to study the STEM disciplines in a technical school and get hired into an Intern Program.

My other passion is woodworking and making furniture, which all started with Federal Hocking’s Shop class.

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