Cheerleading is the Passion for Perfection!

By Tina Geer

Most people think that cheerleaders are just the girls in the skirts and they’re always the mean girls, but it’s not like that at all.  On the Federal Hocking HS cheer team we have 11 amazing cheerleaders and they are all hard working athletes who just happen help with pep rallies. Practices are every Tuesday and Thursday so they can push themselves to be the best that they can be. Game days are usually Fridays so the football and cheer team dress up in school colors to show their pride in our school.

Some of you may be asking, “What is cheerleading like?” Well it’s fun, you get to make new friends, and have some spirit for your team! You get to participate in the pep rallies and do dances and cheers in front of the crowd. It’s also the best feeling in the world when you nail a cheer and you feel so proud of yourself as the crowd roars!

Why is cheer fun? Well I asked a few people on the cheer team and Ava Withem said “Because of the rush that you get when the crowd goes wild and it’s a team bonding experience and you get to meet new people.” I also asked another cheerleader on the team, Coral Stephens, and she said, “Because I’ve always loved dancing and it was the closest thing I could do in school.” Personally I think that cheer is fun because you are able to get all dressed up and you can stand in front of everyone cheering, and you get to feel better about yourself when you finally get a hard cheer down!

Our current cheerleaders are Chloe D, Abby M, April N, Rylee M, Ashlynn S, Sydney M, Coral S, Kylie D, Ava W, Katelynn W, and Tina G.

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