Basim Signs with Rio Grande

By Chelsea B.

On Tuesday May 9, 2023, Federal Hocking High School senior, Mia Basim, signed her letter of intent with the University of Rio Grande, a private university in Rio Grande, Ohio. Rio Grande recognized Mia’s golfing skills and granted her a scholarship. 

Do you remember when Covid hit, school was closed and events were canceled? When most sports were postponed, including softball which Mia and her friends played, instead of doing nothing all season they joined the only open season sport left–golf.  They started working and practicing their skills. Mia told me that golf was easy to understand, but hard to play– meaning it takes skill to make the ball go where you want it.  Mia’s favorite thing about golfing is meeting new people at the matches and playing with her friends. 

Mia’s very happy going forward with this decision, Rio Grande is offering her money and a scholarship for her to play golf there next year. Going to college with a sports scholarship takes a lot of dedication and hard work, and I know Mia has what it takes.  Playing golf for Rio Grande would include traveling all over the country and playing against many different teams. In addition to golfing, Mia will be pursuing a degree in psychology.

I asked Mia if after Rio Grande she would continue golfing. She told me, “Golf is the only sport that you don’t age out of, you can play it until you’re old.” So, yes, she’ll definitely continue playing. The Lancer community will be watching Mia eagerly to see how far she goes.

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