A Summer List for the Bored and Dispirited

By India Dyer

In the past I’ve noticed people posting during the summer about how bored they are,  how dull the world is, there’s nothing to do in little ol’ southeast Ohio yada yada… To be frank, that has no merit. I am usually bothered by these because for one, there’s nothing more boring than posting about how bored you are, and two, I’m fully aware that this is not true.

Southeastern Ohio has plenty of things to do that are cheap or free and fun. So in an attempt to stop seeing the “I’m bored anyone in Athens?” posts I have created a list of things you can do in a range of prices and all over the school district. If gas money may be a problem, who knows, something on this list may be within walking distance from you but you’ll never know until you read it… 

  • Wayne National Forest– If you’re the outdoorsy type you may enjoy hiking around the Wayne national forest, they also offer campsites and you may do “rough camping”. If you really want to get into it, there is also a documentary on the creation of the Wayne National forest called The Forest Returns which is also available through the library system.
  • Try out Geocaching– With either an app on your phone or a good old fashioned GPS you can go on endless treasure hunts throughout the woods. It does take a bit of driving around and hiking as well but if you’re dying to get out of the house and explore this is the thing for you! (if this interests you, you can also try out its sister activity Letterboxing)
  • Boogie on the Bricks– On July 11th. A small street music and arts festival held in Athens. It’s also free of charge.
  • The Library– The Library has many fun activities to do over the summer. Next time you head in there ask what they have planned. Nelsonville Library has take-home project bags as well.
  • The Dairy Barn– Are you an art lover? The Dairy barn shows many interesting exhibits throughout the year along with kids activities and classes. Check out their website to see if any are happening that you’re interested in: https://dairybarn.org/
  • Fireman’s Festival– On July 16th and 17th, 2022 there’s a Fireman’s Festival in Amesville. Carnival games and refreshments are surely a nice way to spend your time.
  • Paw Paw Festival – The Paw Paw festival is just what it sounds like; A festival surrounding the Pawpaw fruit. Many venders sell their art, pawpaw treats, as well as presentations and activities. You can find more information and what date to save here: https://www.ohiopawpawfest.com/
  • Strouds Run- Searching for even more hiking trails? Or maybe just some swimming fun? Strouds run has a variety of trails along with a breathtaking lake to help you beat the heat.
  • Volunteer- If you feel like you want to be helpful or have a cause you are really interested in, look them up! See what you can do to help make a difference.
  • CastAway Kayak- Whether you have kayaked before or not, Castaway Kayak is a great place to try out your skills on the water! You can rent kayaks there so don’t worry about bringing your own. Here’s the rest of their information: https://cast-away-kayaking.business.site/
  • Desonier state nature preserve- Campsites and hiking trails are what you’ll find in this establishment. If you don’t feel like being too outdoorsy there’s also lodging. Learn more here: https://ohiodnr.gov/go-and-do/plan-a-visit/resort-lodges
  • Double C Ranch- Have you always wanted to ride a horse? But don’t have the time or money to keep one? At Double C Ranch you can have that opportunity. You can take riding lessons, go on the trails etc. Learn more about Double C Ranch here:https://doublecranch.org/index.html
  • Go Swimming- Whether it’s a pool or a pond or wading in the creek, swimming is a great way to cool off. There’s the Athens City pool, the Belpre City pool, your nearby creek or pond.
  • The Movies- The Athena Grand, Athena Cinema, and Movies 10 are some movie theaters you can check out. 

Or… you can always just sit in a Walmart parking lot and be bored there.


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