Music for Everyone!

By Sydney Knisley

The Federal Valley Resource Center in Stewart, Ohio is a beautiful building where people can hold gatherings and learn the arts, history, education, and other activities. It’s a great place for kids and families to attend, but I would like to focus on the music aspect of this building. When you first walk into one of the first rooms on the left, they have a music library. And it is a blessing in disguise. The music library gives out free lessons for whatever interests you, and if you don’t have an instrument? Well, you can ‘rent’  one from them for free!  

Actually, when I was still taking guitar lessons when I first started playing I went there, it was amazing because the people who you are working with are there because they generally enjoy playing the instrument and help you learn and get to see you both having fun while you play. You get to see the fun and beauty of playing music.

Behind the Scenes
I was able to talk to Ms. Lackey about the music library. Ms. Lackey was the music teacher for Coolville Elementary for 30 years before she retired. And as a teacher there she knew that to join the elementary band you would need your own instrument. And she hated seeing kids not being able to join because of that. So she started the music library so kids could rent instruments out 2 months at a time. She has helped many people be able to do music this way, even if it’s just for fun and not for school or anything. 

Overall the resource center is an amazing place in our community. It helps bring people together, the old history of the school, and new can introduce you to new hobbies and passions. 

With this in our area, people should give the music library a chance and I believe that people would really enjoy going.

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