A Splendid Spectaculathon

By Jozlyn Bew

Theater is back in season! 

Bouncing off of the success of December’s A Christmas Carol, the FH drama club and class are in full swing. Two productions are slated for this spring; from Ms. Cell’s drama class, we have The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon, and the drama club has been working on the long awaited Clue

The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon entices the audience with classic fairy tales (and some not so classic ones), two narrators at war, and troubles galore! The cast includes Ellery D. and Jozlyn B. as the polar opposite narrators, Sheri B. as Cinderella (who can only be described as a primadonna), and Remi L. as the overworked but resilient thespian. The performance is full of comedic moments and wacky bits for all ages. Though advertised in late March, the show hit the stage on April 8th for a select audience in the high school auditorium!

On the other leg of the drama department, the drama club is very happy to be able to perform a show long in the waiting: Clue! Based on the Hasbro board game turned movie, Clue is a clenching, comedic mystery for the ages. You’ll be left laughing and wondering until the last twist. Director Cell and the club have been waiting anxiously for two years now after the original performance was canceled due to the COVID-19 virus breakout in 2020. Returning cast members include Cora ‘Sky’ R. as the butler Wadsworth and Grace J. as Ms. Peacock. New cast members include India D. as Ms. Scarlet and Ember M. as Mr. Green. The cast has been pulling together to play their iconic characters. So, who did it, with what, and where? Find out on May 13th and 14th in the high school auditorium. 

Despite some pandemic plays and canceled shows, the drama department seems to have had no trouble getting back into the groove. The upcoming shows are sure to be a blast! Break a leg, performers!

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