A (Totally Unbiased) Intro to The Drama Club

By Jaden W. 

It is no secret that in our Federal Hocking High School, there are a multitude of clubs to join into. These clubs include activities such as reading, weightlifting, creative competitions, and many more. Honestly, there are so many to choose from that it may even feel overwhelming. It may be extremely difficult to choose one, especially when you know next to nothing about how they operate. Well, I can help you with that problem (for one of the clubs at least…). As I am here to tell you why you definitely should join- I mean why you should consider joining the FH (Federal Hocking) Drama Club.

Let us start with the most important (and most painfully obvious) question. What does the Drama Club do? The answer is simple. It is the job of the Drama Club to orchestrate and put on performances for various plays for the other students and their families to see, as well as the school staff.

You may have seen some of the clubs work already, such as the FH Drama Club’s biannual showing of the classic Christmas Carol or even last semester’s play Clue. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering or even wanting to know what it is like to be on that stage, well joining the club is how you do it.

A little nervous about being on stage? Well we still have a job for you. A tech job, that is. We are always looking for people to manage the stage lighting or to set up the scenes backstage. So if you find that you are interested in helping out, then seek out the Drama Club’s very own Ms. Cell to see if we could set you up with a job.

If you are the type of person interested in putting on shows for public entertainment, love helping other people out, or even just want a good opportunity to make a few friends, then come on and join the Drama Club! We would love to have you! (Well most of us anyway…) Remember, all you have to do is seek out Ms. Cell. 

Image credit goes to the Federal Hocking Local School Facebook Page

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