A Familiar Face?

By Collin McPherson

Trystan Peyton is a new teacher at Federal Hocking Middle School. Peyton teaches sixth grade math and this is his first year teaching at Federal Hocking, even though Peyton has been around FH for six years due to coaching and pre-service hours. He loves FH because of its community. Peyton has taught for three years in total. He taught eighth grade at Meigs for two years. Peyton wishes to go back to teaching eighth grade because it can be quite difficult to keep younger students engaged and on task. Peyton also coaches girls basketball for Federal Hocking, and has done so for many years. Peyton’s motto for teaching and coaching is:

“Two things you can always change are attitude and behavior.”

Peyton enjoys math and sports. As a teacher, he wants to be remembered by his students. Peyton found high school easy and unchallenging, but when he made it to Ohio University he found it was way more challenging. He is inspired by his hardworking parents, his mom is a bus driver and his dad works in a factory. Peyton loves sports, he has played soccer and basketball and he likes the contact that comes with football. Peyton likes rap and country music, but will listen to almost anything. His favorite movie is How The Grinch Stole Christmas with Jim Carrey, who plays the Grinch. 

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