What’s New in the Student Handbook?

By Timothy Zimmerman

The new school year brings new adjustments to the student handbook. In the past, rules banning phones, hoods, hats, carrying around backpacks, etc. have faced criticism from Federal Hocking students. Each of these rules have had adjustments made to them in the new handbook.


A huge rule that has been controversial ever since it was introduced, was the banning of students to use cell phones during the school day. This year, it has been changed so that high school students are now allowed to use their phones during their free period, and in class if permitted by the teacher. However this is not the case for middle school students, who are still not allowed to use them.

Dress Code

There are two big changes made to the dress code. Students this year are allowed to wear hats with brims, and can also wear hoods. The dress code used to only permit students to wear brimless hats like beanies, and hoods used to not be allowed at all. But now during lunch, students may wear their hood up. If a teacher allows it, students can also wear their hood in class. However, if a teacher believes that a student is using a hood to hide earbuds, or their hat or hood is interfering with class or a test, the teacher can have the student take it off.


Another change is that students are now allowed to carry around backpacks. Before, backpacks had to be kept in lockers. Now that they are allowed around the school, there will be a little less stress about getting into a locker at the end of the day, while still making it to the bus on time. 

The changes in the student handbook for the new school year seem to greatly loosen up on restrictions, and aim to give students a more free, and comfortable experience. Students have more room within the dress code to express themselves, and be in a more relaxing environment now that phones and backpacks are allowed. 

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