Mr. Schwarzel’s Return!

By Coral Stephens

You might know him if you went to Fed Hock a few years ago but to some of us he’s a new face that we welcome with open arms this year. His name is Mr. Schwarzel.

 Mr.Schwarzel and I got to talk a little and we talked about what his plan was in the beginning. He said “ His first choice was actually to be a guidance counselor but Mrs. Buchman told me to be a teacher, so it was a second choice.” 

We also talked about what he did before he became a teacher. He said that he did some subbing, and he is also licensed in special education. I asked how he likes teaching and he said,” I like teaching a lot” so it looks like he made a good choice. I also asked what grades he wants to teach and he said, “7th – 12th. I’m not good with the little ones.” Altogether, even though this is his first official year of having his own classroom, he’s actually been subbing and working special education for about 5 years.

When I asked him if there was anything he wished he knew when he was subbing he said “Not really. I learned a long time ago that people end up where they are supposed to be.”  

In Mr. Schwarzel’s free time, he likes to research about different cultures and paranormal things. He has gotten into making crafts like masks too. He is currently helping with the play designing costumes and props. On weekends he likes to hang out with his friends and play video games like Halo and Jack Box games, they also get pizza and just have a fun time. Sometimes they just talk about life as well. 

So what I’ve learned while talking to Mr. Schwarzel other than how to spell his name right, is that even though he had a different plan in the beginning he is happy where he has ended up today and we are happy to have him back, but as a teacher this time.


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