New Faces: Meet Mrs. Tabler

Every year when you walk the school halls you always see many new faces, well maybe not recently due to the pandemic and having to wear face coverings, but with that being said I am going to introduce you to one of this school’s new faces, Mrs. Tabler. She is one of the new teachers at our school this year, and you will probably see her around the middle school area frequently, since she has moved into Mrs. Crabtree’s old classroom. This is not her first year teaching, but it is her first year teaching special education. She has taught at many different schools: she taught at Miller HS for 2 years, Nelsonville-York HS for 9 years, and decided to teach elementary at Nelsonville-York for 6 years. And last right before she moved to Federal Hocking, she taught at Tri-County Career Center for 2 years making this her 20th year of teaching.

When Mrs. Tabler is not in the classroom, she is working on building a farm starting with a fence to get cows, goats and maybe a horse for her daughter Ava. Her favorite time is spent with her 2 kids and husband (which is not any of the Mr. Tabler’s that also teach here if that’s what you’re thinking), exercising, and reading.

Mrs. Tabler and her husband moved into the district from Albany. Her kids are in elementary school right now but will eventually go to this school. So far she has said that she loves teaching her students here and she is looking forward to many more years as a Lancer.

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