Finishing Strong

By Editor in Chief : Jozlyn Bew

Hey Fed Hock! Editor in Chief here. We here at LLN, myself especially, wanted to give one final cheer to the year 2022-23.

We’ve accomplished a lot as a school, from our basketball team’s win streak, to a strong opening year for our new principal, Mr. Amlin, to a successful expansion of this very news station! It’s been a busy, but rewarding year for Federal Hocking, as I’m sure you all can agree. And as we leave for the summer, we can look back on many aspects of this year with a smile.

We’re anticipating a few changes in the new school year, most prominently the new schedule. We’ll also be losing a good handful of current sophomores to Tri-Country, but that’s a loss we anticipate each year. One loss I don’t think any of us have adjusted to is the sad loss of our longtime science teacher, Mr. Wryst. This is quite a sad change. We’re all so sad to see Mr. Wryst go. Most, if not all, of us, have a great memory stemming from Mr. Wryst. Check out our recent LLN video, and you’ll find a compilation of Wrysty highlights, as well as a special Joke of the Week from him at the end. It won’t be the same as seeing him in person, but the video catches his eclectic essence.

As well as Mr. Wryst, it’s time for Fed Hock to say goodbye to this year’s seniors, the class of 2023. We have great confidence in each and every one of you, and we all wish you the best of luck in the next chapter of your lives. There are many seniors I could shout out in this article, but that would make this article much longer than I could afford. The best thing I can say to all of you is good luck!

It’s the last day of school now, and I’m sure that this website is the furthest thing from your mind. It’s time to put school behind us and get ready for 80 degree days, bonfires, and swimming pools. But if you happen to be checking in on the LLN news page, then I have one final thing to say to you.

Have a great summer!

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