Capstone Learning Experience – How It Improved My Skill Set

By Jaden W.

The Federal Hocking Capstone Learning Experience (CLE), or formerly known as The Senior Project, is a large independent project that every Federal Hocking graduate must complete. The main purpose of the CLE (or at least from what I can gather) is to push a student to either improve upon something they love, or a chance to try something new, and to prove that a student is ready to go out into the real world outside of high school. As intimidating as it seems, the CLE is an opportunity to improve upon oneself, and to possibly find an interest in pursuing a certain career.

For my CLE project, I decided I would improve upon a skill of my own, and that is the art of cooking. Now obviously, cooking is pretty important as you would die if you didn’t eat. How grim. But I decided this is important to me because it is something that I could always get better at, have a chance at a career in, and something that is just important to me, as it is a passion to many people in my family as well, and something many of them are good at (excluding my immediate family that I live with, they all suck at it).

Before taking up my CLE, to say I was a novice at cooking wouldn’t be too inaccurate. Sure, it was something I have done before, but not something I could do very well. This, for the most part, changed that. Of course I am still nowhere near a professional level, as it takes many years and years to get every skill perfected, but I am much better than I was before, and I have developed a passion for it since.

Taking on this cooking project has also been a perfect opportunity to try new things I have never had before, and to try different things and even look at more foreign dishes as well. That is why I enjoyed my CLE thus far and why I plan to improve upon it as well. It was fun, enlightening, and a good chance to learn some new skills. To those people who are having trouble trying to come up with a CLE, maybe try something a little closer to home – something that you are already familiar with, or something that you always wanted to try (Or just go ahead and steal this idea, that’s fine too, I guess…) and you more than likely will not regret it. 

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