Space: The Infinite Vacuum

By Dalton B.

Space, the large and endless void – full of many cool and terrifying things, like large galaxies, quasars, neutron stars, black holes, and many other terrifying things. But the real question is, is the universe really infinite?

Many scientists go and say that the universe is forever expanding while others say that it may expand to a limit then become a small bubble then redoing the cycle of the big bang. Meaning that the universe would just restart. If this event happens and is true how would it go down? Would it just be like an implosion or would everything just go dark? These are questions that we may never answer.

The universe consists of large stars, galaxies, black holes, dark matter, and nothingness. Let’s say you went on a rocket around space. After going past all the planets and the moons you would be surrounded by darkness. When there is nothing to shine onto the craft all there is, is darkness. The only thing that you would not see coming is a stray black hole.

Many galaxies are put into different categories on how they look. There are spiral galaxies, elliptical galaxies, lenticular galaxies, irregular galaxies, Seyfert galaxies, and quasars. When galaxies form they need a large object that can bend gravity. The galaxies need a black hole. The black hole comes across a stray star and rips it to shreds. After the star is completely gone and the contents of the star surround the black hole, it shoots out a large burst of energy called a gamma-ray burst.

In space there are areas in the darkness that we can’t see but we can tell they are there by how the gravity of that area is affected. These are black holes. Black holes are terrifying space objects that are born after a massive star dies. The star will supernova creating a big plume of dust and only leaving the core. If the core is too large it will collapse in on itself and become a black hole or a neutron star. 

Space is really creepy and very large. Many dangerous things could be lurking around and we don’t know. Space is THE most unknown thing ever besides our oceans.

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