Go Adventuring with the Adventure Club!

By Joey Sampson

Have you ever wanted to go rafting, or skiing but couldn’t? Well that’s why the Adventure Club exists. The Adventure Club’s purpose is to give kids a chance to do cool things, maybe they don’t have the money or the time, well they can just tag along on one of the trips and they get the chance to do cool things.

Mr. Ballew says, ¨One of my favorite things about adventure club is kids trying things they’ve never tried before.¨ The Adventure Club is currently run by Mr. Ballew and he has been the advisor for about 3 years. The adventure club officers consist of Emma Amlin as the President, Myles Vorisek as the Treasurer, Trenton Wilkes as the Vice President, and Stella Gilcher as the Secretary.

The trips consist of rafting and skiing, and according to Mr. Ballew, ¨We´re planning possible canoe trips in the future, maybe a camping outing.¨ You might be thinking that it couldn’t get any better. That would be where you’re wrong. Not only are these trips so cool, they happen pretty often too ¨Probably one a season, so you’d have one in the fall, one in the winter, and one in the spring.¨ says Mr. Ballew.

I mean they’ve got all these cool trips that happen so often, you’re probably asking yourself how you join the Adventure Club? All you have to do to join the Adventure Club is to go on one of the trips. It will be on the announcements when there is a trip and you just have to go on the trip, it’s that simple. And anyone can go, middle schoolers and high schoolers are allowed.

With a possible upcoming canoeing trip, listen to the announcements for your next adventure from the Adventure Club.