Students A”peach”iate the New Schedule Change

By Wyatt Dunfee

After the new semester begins, Federal Hocking Middle School and High School will implement a new schedule. The most notable change is the new lunch time. Instead of a two block lunch schedule intervening with second block, we’ve got a combined hour lunch. Here’s what the new schedule looks like.

Advisory 7:55 – 815

1st Block 8:18 – 9:38

2nd Block 9:41 – 11:01

Lunch 11:04 – 12:04

3rd Block 12:07 – 1:27

4th Block 1:30 – 2:50

I interviewed some of our students for their own thoughts on the new schedule. The responses I received were overwhelmingly positive. Out of the people that I asked, India Dyer, Ceil Thompson, and Thomas Schwarzel, they brought up some very interesting points.

Having this extra time during lunch, students can really use that to their advantage. They can have longer tutoring sessions. Using their time to memorize that one equation, finish that book report, or whatever they do in chemistry. They will also have more time to eat and talk with their friends afterwards.

It’s also great for Internship students, specifically ones that intern during the first two blocks of the day. Typically, morning interns cannot attend their advisory unless they choose not to go to their internship site at all. With lunch lasting longer, it will be more convenient for interns to meet with their advisor during this time period on days that they need to.

And finally, Thomas Schwarzel’s response was of great happiness. When I explained the time change, he threw his hands in the air, jumped, and verbally expressed his gratitude. I think that sums up how most of our students feel about this exciting change.

That wraps up our new lunch schedule. It sounds like nothing else can beet this new change. And though this may sound cheesy, I think it sounds grate. Maybe we all need to celebrate like Thomas every ounce and a while.


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