The Joy of Running: FedHock Cross Country

By Coral Stephens

Cross country is fun but a lot of work, but it’s also worth it. In Cross Country they have two different groups. The middle school team runs 2 miles at meets but even more at practice to build their stamina and get even better at it. The high school team runs 3.1 miles, and they also run more at practices to build their stamina and to get better.

If you were thinking about joining, they practice every night from 3 till 5 unless it’s the night before a race so they can rest their muscles. 

My big sister Rosemary Stephens is a senior. She is on the team and has been for almost 5 years. One reason why she has been on the team for so long she said, “I fell in love with the atmosphere and running itself. I also liked being able to push myself and see the change from the year before. I had a determination to get better every year and coming back gave me a chance to do that” 

I also got some words from the coach Dave Miller. I asked him what was something he missed from coaching before Covid, he said, “taking everything for granted”. I also asked him how he thought his team was doing this year and he said, “The team is listening well, and the other schools are listening good at meets.”. Then I asked him how he thought he was doing with coaching during Covid and he said he thinks he’s handling the situation well under the circumstances. 

I also checked in with Olivia Amlin. She is also on the team and she said, “I really love my team, and the bond that we have made over the past couple of years. We always push each other and work hard to achieve the goals that we set together.” So from what I’ve heard people like it. Maybe you would like to run too?

Photos also by Coral Stephens from the Lancer Invitational.

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