The Return of Community Service Day

By Joey Sampson

What is Community Service day? Community Service day is, well, pretty self explanatory. The whole school goes around the community of Athens County and we give back to the community. Some of you might not know what community service day is because our school hasn’t done it in almost 3 years because of Covid, and now we are finally going out to serve our community once again.

Community service day might sound really boring or like a chore, but it’s not as boring as it might sound. You might just think you would go around and pick up trash. While that is something I’m sure some groups will do, some groups go around and plant flowers, paint, or even do little things to help individual members of our community. Make sure you do wear clothing you’re okay with getting dirty as some of the stuff we will do could be messy. There will be groups in buses that go to different places like Athens, Coolville, Amesville, and everywhere in between. Some places we might go include:

-Athens County Food Pantry, if you are with Hoffman or Ohlers advisory
-The Hive to clean, paint, or prep the garden if you are with Ripple or Ballew
-Athens Goodwill, if you’re with Hadley or Schwarzel
-Mulching in Amesville and Coolville, if you’re with Tabler or O’dell
-Amesville Park, if you’re with Wright or Costa

These are just a handful of the 16 different places we will go based on our advisories. Community service day will be very new to a lot of people, but it’s definitely something you don’t want to dread. Instead, look forward to it. You will get to hang out with your friends in an outdoor setting and enjoy yourself. You might get to do cool things you don’t do often. Also if you go and participate you can earn citizenship points! There are so many fun things you can do, community service day is definitely something you don’t want to miss.

This Friday will be our first community service day in a long time, so go out there, serve our community, and have fun!

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